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EPISODE 5 — THU, JUL 27, 2017

Church Communications with ChurchTrain.uk

I talk with Joe Gallant of ChurchTrain.uk about questions churches should be asking about their communications.

Show Notes

I speak with Joe Gallant of churchtrain.uk, a consultant agency for “Equipping UK churches and volunteers to communicate effectively”.

Joe helps church leaders think about improving their communications, especially focused on church communications in a digital age.

Joe suggests that churches should ask three basic questions about all their communications:

  1. What are you saying?
  2. What are they hearing?
  3. How should you say it?

These seem basic and straightforward, yet many church leaders don’t step back to reflect on them. This can result in communications being ineffective and confusing.

Listen to Joe and I talk about what these questions can help you direct your church communications efforts to help you effectively present yourself to your desired audience and represent your church in an authentic way.

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