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EPISODE 12 — THU, NOV 2, 2017

Church Finance 101 with Eric Syfrett

Eric Syfrett talks about basic principles and practices for church financial management.

Show Notes

I speak with Eric Syfrett about the basics of finances for churches. After earning degrees in economics and accounting, Eric became the children’s and an accountant at his church. He now serves as the Executive Pastor of Kings Park International Church.

Many pastors and church leaders have little-to-no training in the specifics of church finances and are required to learn on the job. Managing church finances not only requires biblical wisdom and financial practices, it also requires conformity to legal requirements.

Eric talks about how churches are stewards of the gifts God has given them, and thus are called to handled their money well. This requires communicating with our congregations about our needs and how the finances will be used; it requires protocols and accountability for handling money as it comes it so that we are above reproach; it requires careful budgeting and continual expense control.

In a day when we continually hear about church financial scandals, Pastor Syfrett offers refreshing, biblical wisdom on effective church financial management.

I hope to do more episodes about church finances in the future. Leave a comment below about topics that would be helpful to you.

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