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I talk with Matthew Sewell about Flocknote, an email and text message based communication tool for churches.

Show Notes

What is Flocknote?

At my church, we recently started using Flocknote, an email and text messaging tool for churches. We use Flocknote to send out church-wide announcements and prayer requests, communicate with members of our small groups, and compose and send a weekly church newsletter.

Flocknote provides a simple web interface for you to manage your members, compose messages, organize groups, and even see who has opened your emails.

Unlike Tinyletter, a lightweight Mailchimp mailing list product we used previous, Flocknote makes it easy to segment your users into separate groups such as small groups, children’s ministry group, etc. It makes signing up easy, and your users can unsubscribe at any time. You can learn more about Flocknote’s feature on their website.

Flocknote has a monthly fee based on the number of people you have subscribed. The costs are clear and auto-draft from your account each month.

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