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Seth Houser talks about how his church adopted the Basecamp software to manage their projects and communicate.

Show Notes

In this episode, I talk with Seth Houser ways in which ministry projects can be effectively managed. Seth’s serves as a summer camp director for a Christian camp in the Smoky Mountains, and he also serves as an elder in his local church body.

Seth shares how the leadership of his church adopted Basecamp as a tool for organization, communication, and collaboration.

Using software can help you delegate projects, keep track of projects once delegated, and remind those who’ve taken them on of their responsibility. Having a way to keep track of what has been decided in meetings and what thought processes you went through to get to that point is invaluable. If someone in your congregation comes to you asking about a specific topic that has been debated and decided upon, you can draw on those records to walk them through explaining the thought process behind the decision.

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