Waiting Tables Podcast

freeing growing churches to focus on their mission

A biweekly look into the behind-the-scenes of the life and operation of a church. Waiting Tables exists to help ease logistical hurdles to free your church to focus on its mission.

Welcome to Waiting Tables

Behind the scenes of every church are volunteers and staff members helping maintain the finances, update the websites, and schedule the nursery workers.

Waiting Tables is a new podcast that explores the behind-the-scenes of the life and operation of a church. It exists to help ease these logistical hurdles to free you and your church to focus on its mission.

We will have episodes about buildings, bookkeeping, websites, security, advertising, volunteer scheduling, communications, sermon recording, and more. The podcast will feature interviews with church leaders about the ins-and-outs of their work, interviews with the creators of tools designed to help churches, and deep dives into church challenges and ways to solve them.

Are you a pastor, church leader, volunteer coordinator, or just a member looking to serve more effectively? This biweekly podcast is for you. The first episode is coming soon, so sign up for our newsletter today, and we’ll notify you when it’s released.

We are taking suggestions for topics to discuss on the show. Whether you’re looking for a comparison of nursery pagers or suggested policies for counting your weekly collection, we want to hear how we can help you.

We are looking for guests for the podcast! Would you like to come on and talk about how you’ve solved logistical problems at your church? Do you want to come on and talk about your product designed to help churches? Please drop us a line!

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