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EPISODE 8 — THU, SEP 7, 2017

Church Video on a Budget

Josh Byers talks about how churches can produce interview videos on a budget of $1000.

Show Notes

I talk with pastor and designer Josh Byers about his recent blog post Church Video on a Budget of $1000. Josh explains how to use a DSLR camera, a microphone, and basic lighting for recording “basic interviews, testimonies, life stories and other video productions your church may have.”

Here’s a video from Josh’s team:

A few years ago, it would’ve required a huge budget and a professional team to produce a video like that. Josh talks about how you can get the basic equipment for just over $1000.

Three Point Lighting

Three point lighting is a standard technique for illuminating a subject in video or photos. This technique is one of the best things you can do to give video a professional look.

Here’s a tutorial explaining three point lighting:

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